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View from Canopy - HoB Newsletter November 2018 issue

Posted on November, 30 2018

The HoB November 2018 edition will feature many interesting stories from the field. How community and its environment have been depending on each other since ancient times.
Borneo is quite well-known for its biodiversity and culture. It is a place where nature and culture blend. The community and its environment have been living in harmony for many years, and they also preserve culture as their local wisdom.

Women in Kalimantan, Indonesia, play key roles in local food system on each other. In Mahakam Ulu, a district that located far away in the Heart of Borneo in East Kalimantan, a story of last generation of Dayak women with long earlobes. Unfortunately, modernization and globalization began to permeate them.

Enjoy the beauty of one Kalimantan area, by reading a story on mesmerizing view of Danau Sentarum from Bukit Tekenang, West Kalimantan. Or challenge yourself to participate in a signature ecotourism event - The Heart of Borneo Highlands Eco Challenge next year which is hosted by The Alliance of the Indigenous Peoples of the Highlands of Borneo, known as FORMADAT

Follow also Agus Suyitno’s journey when he explored the Bornean Elephant habitat area in North Kalimantan, and  WWF-Malaysia did a ground and an aerial survey in counting the orangutan nests.

Iwan Wibisono
Heart of Borneo Leader
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Conservation landscapes in West Kalimantan.
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