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Life on Earth is not evenly spread around our planet. Borneo - the world's third largest island - is one of its richest treasure-houses, full of an immense variety of wild animals and plants, all living in a magnificent tropical forest.
A single, vast, unbroken area of this forest still cloaks the mountains, foothills and adjacent lowlands that stretch along the inland borders of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

This is the Heart of Borneo and all of us who value life on this planet should support the efforts of these countries to conserve it. It is truly a world heritage and the world should respond to its needs.

Like almost all such forests, it is under the threat of being cleared or degraded, thanks to the economic and social pressures of life in the 21st century.

We must not let this happen.

These forests are not just the home of wildlife. They protect the land and give birth to the island's rivers. They maintain a natural system that supports both the lives of the local people and their countries' economies.

Please join with me to help save the Heart of Borneo - a global heritage.
Sir David Attenborough addressing an audience 
Sir David Attenborough addressing an audience


Sir David Attenborough is considered one of the pioneers of nature documentary film-making, with about 50 years of experience documenting all aspects of life on Earth. From his earliest productions, Sir David has raised awareness about the impact of human society on the natural world.

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