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Global Biodiversity Framework - BRIEFING PAPERS
Briefing Population Abundance - An essential measure of ecosystem integrity
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COP15: WWF Briefing - Restoration Target
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WWF Briefing on Food Systems and the GBF
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WWF Policy Brief on Sustainable Use and Footprint
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WWF Briefing_Implementation mechanism_February 2022
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WWF One-pager on Resource Mobilization
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Steps to repurpose Biodiversity Harmful Subsidies in the Global Biodiversity Framework
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Non paper on halving the footprint of production and cosumption - final.pdf
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Report: Halve Humanity's Footprint on Nature to Safeguard our Future_2021
PDF 8.96 MB
Halving the Footprint of Production and Consumption - Report by Metabolic
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WWF COP15 Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Expectations Paper
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Human Rights in the post2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
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Multi-stakeholder processes in the global biodiversity framework
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COP15: WWF brief on the role of forests in the Global Biodiversity Framework
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COP15: WWF brief on deforestation and conversion-free supply chains in the GBF
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Just transitions towards a nature-positive economy
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Nature based Solutions in the Convention of Biological Diversity
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Realising Human Rights in the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (CBD OEWG-5 & COP15)
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WWF briefing - Gender Responsive Implementation of the GBF
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WWF COP 15.2 Briefing Paper - post-2020 GBF Target 3
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LPI as a headline indicator - key points for Parties