Trustee from The Netherlands
Sam Muller is presently the Chair of WWF-Netherlands.

Career Snapshot
 Sam Muller is the founding director of HiiL. HiiL’s mission is to enable 150 million people to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems by 2030. There are two pillars of our approach to realising this: (1) working evidence-based, with solid data on the needs and experience of the users of the justice system; (2) innovation and entrepreneurship. We leverage new technologies, cutting edge knowledge on conflict resolutions, and new forms of organisation and governance.

As CEO of HiiL Sam set up of the Wildlife Justice Commission and was its founding executive director. He also led the setting up of the Justice Leadership Group. Before his work at HiiL he was closely involved in setting up the International Criminal Court and worked for the Yugoslav Tribunal (ICTY), the UN refugee agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA), and Leiden University.

Formal Education

Sam holds a law degree and a doctorate in international law from Leiden University.

He has published and spoken extensively on various topics, focusing mainly on legal trends and strategy, justice leadership, justice innovation, and international justice issues


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Sam Muller
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