Trustee from Belgium

Roseline C. Beudels is presently the Chair of WWF-Belgium

Career Snapshot

With a profound passion for nature and wildlife, Roseline has led a multitude of teams and projects such as the Sahelo-Saharan Megafauna Concerted Action, a 15 Range States Action Plan, whose main objective is the conservation and restoration of the unique wildlife of the Sahara. She actively participated in the development of the Convention on Migratory Species’ Gorilla Agreement and its action plan along with the CSM Central Asia arid land mammals program.

Roseline conducts, stimulates and supervises conservation biology research through PhD projects, currently concentrating on the western lowland Gorilla in Cameroon, on Bonobo in western DRC, on Syn-anthropic Long-tailed Macaques in Indonesia, on Lemurs in Madagascar, on European Lynx in Norway, and on Proboscis monkeys in Borneo.

As a strong supporter and believer in the power of civil society, she serves and is an active and proud member of several NGO boards, including at present WWF-Belgium, Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF), SCF-Europe, and Noé Conservation (Noé). She is also a member of IUCN SSC (Species Survival Commission), and follows closely the work of the IUCN Commission on Protected Areas.

Formal Education

Roseline holds a Bachelor degree in biological sciences from Lovanium-UNAZA University, Democratic Republic of Congo and Louvain University, Belgium together with a Master degree and PhD in biological sciences also from Louvain University, Belgium.
Roseline speaks five languages including one African and one Asian. She is married with a daughter who graduated in geography from London University, with a master in Conservation Sciences from Colorado University.

Roseline C. Beudel’s second term of office expires in December 2024
Roseline Beudels 
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Roseline Beudels
© Roseline Beudels