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From the naturalist’s notebook

A sharing of interesting observations and insights from the wild, including interactions and relationships found between plants and plants, plants and insects, birds and mammals.


Irshad Mobarak, TEDxWWF Speaker, Singapore, 2012 
© Irshad Mobarak

Nationality: Malaysian

Title: Founder, Natural History Tours

About Irshad

Irshad is one of Malaysia's most celebrated naturalists with over 26 years experience in the field. A former banker, Irshad is based in Langkawi where he runs a successful bird watching company – Natural History Tours - and is a strong advocate for the conservation of Langkawi's fragile natural heritage. A self-taught naturalist and outdoor buff, he conducts interpretive walks for The Datai Resort, a leading hotel. This gifted and passionate speaker is entertaining but serious and insightful and his walks always inspire his audiences.

In his 20-year career, Irshad has helped with and appeared in many documentaries such as Mysteries of the Malaysian Rainforest on National Geographic Channel and The Wedding Ceremony of the White Bellied Sea Eagle on Discovery Channel. With the NGC filming crew, he witnessed the first-time recording of the courtship of the Great Hornbills where three young males clashed beaks to court one female. He hosted Ian Wright from Globe Trekker, which was aired on the Travel and Living channel. His most recent TV appearance is with Toby Amies of The Rough Guide in "Trips of a lifetime". His docu-advertisement for Tourism Malaysia is also currently being shown on Star TV channels.

Irshad also educates schoolchildren and trains outdoor instructors on nature and conservation. As part of his job and passion, he regularly participates in scientific expeditions, blazing trails into the wilderness.



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