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TEDxWWF was held in Singapore, INSEAD Asia Campus, on 14 June 2012, as a one-day event with the theme "One Planet Living".



Simon Tay - Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs

William Winram - Ocean Environmentalist / Shark Publicist/ Photographer

Irshad Mobarak - Founder, Natural History Tours

Tim 'Mac' Macartney - Embercombe's Founder and Head of Organisation Consultancy

Sudhanshu Swaroop - International Law Barrister 

Darrel Webber - Secretary General, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil 

Lixin Huang - President, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Stuart Chapman - Conservation Director, WWF-Greater Mekong Programme


INSEAD, Singapore.


June 14, 2012

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