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WWF teams up with Yostar’s Azur Lane for Cutest Companions Event

Posted on 12 March 2021

The video game industry continues to grow exponentially in terms of the number of gamers globally and the total is expected to exceed three billion by 2023, meaning almost half of the global population will be gamers through various platforms with the majority on mobile.

In order to effectively raise awareness and promote action for the environment, WWF continues to find innovative ways to engage with a different audience otherwise not reached through usual channels.

WWF is collaborating with global game developer and publisher, Yostar, on one of their major titles, Azur Lane, for the “Cutest Companions” 13-day event from 12 March 2021 to raise awareness amongst its players on the importance of preserving nature and creating a better and greener world for all.

The Azur Lane team’s long-going affection for pandas and appreciation of WWF’s work on nature led to this collaboration. While pandas may no longer be classified as endangered, WWF and Azur Lane’s hope is that through the public’s love for this iconic species, players will be educated on the importance of nature conservation and help prevent the degradation of our planet.

Furthermore, Yostar on behalf of EN and JP server, is proud to support WWF's conservation efforts by donating USD 100,000. Yostar believes in the importance of raising awareness and making a difference for nature and wildlife that will eventually benefit the world that we all live in.

The Azur Lane team also paid a visit to one of our panda conservation centres in China to learn more about them and how every species is important in making sure our ecosystem thrives.

In this 13-day special event, two new exclusive outfits with a warm panda theme: Baobao's Buddy for Ping Hai, and Da Bao's Friend for Ning Hai are obtainable for free by completing tasks in the game. A new limited-time Furniture set, Panda Paradise, is available for players to experience the beautiful and adorable environment of pandas’ conservation.

Azur Lane is available on Android and iOS.

For more information on gaming partnerships with WWF, please contact