New consultative group to deepen exchange with Indigenous Peoples

Posted on March, 21 2024

Secretary of the women's group tends to the drying kuta grass is Navakasobu village, Fiji

Collaborating with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to maintain and strengthen their biocultural systems is one of the most important solutions to today’s climate and biodiversity crises.

Recognizing the rights of Indigenous Peoples and the crucial role they play in environmental stewardship, WWF is strengthening its ability to act on Indigenous Peoples’ experience and knowledge, better honour their voices, and integrate their perspectives into its global conservation efforts.

The creation of a new WWF Indigenous Peoples Consultative Group (IPCG) marks another significant step towards fulfilling the organization’s ambition to build meaningful collaboration with Indigenous communities worldwide.

It follows the appointment of Professor Dr. Ramy Bulan as a new trustee to the WWF International Board in 2023. Dr. Bulan is a Kelabit woman, belonging to an Indigenous Peoples and highland community residing in the Malaysian part of Borneo in Sarawak. 

“Indigenous Peoples have been safeguarding the natural world for generations as part of their own life plans,” said Kirsten Schuijt, Director General at WWF International.

"There is much we can learn from their experience, including how to appropriately support their efforts. There are many ways we can work more closely together to restore a healthy balance with nature.

"The IPCG will provide a vital platform for exchanging learning on human rights-based approaches to conservation and identifying opportunities to work together on some of the critical challenges stemming from unsustainable development.”

The IPCG will be a regionally representative body comprised of Indigenous experts and leaders who will advise WWF on key challenges and opportunities at the intersection of conservation and Indigenous rights and roles.

Its members will work closely with WWF International's Executive Team and guide work on a range of issues, from sustainable resource management to climate change adaptation.

To find out more about the WWF Indigenous Peoples Consultative Group, please email WWF Governance Practice Leader Elaine Geyer-Allély at