Protected Areas for a Living Planet

Project Description:
The project was implemented in 5 countries of the Caucasus Ecoregion - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey. It contributed to implementation of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), including a variety of activities connected with the field of protected areas (PA). They included legislative and institutional gap analysis and recommendations, assessment of management effectiveness and capacity needs of protected areas and action planning, financial needs assessment and sustainable financial planning, communication activities, implementation of priority activities under the PoWPAs and others.

Parties to the CBD from the Caucasus Ecoregion are enabled to achieve the 2010/2012 targets of the PoWPAs, including scientifically based and representative systems of well managed PAs, sustainable financing and effective participation of local communities.

Project Outcomes:
  1. National Coordination Committee established
  2. Legal and institutional gaps of the PAs system identified, recommendations prepared
  3. Management effectiveness of the PAs system assessed (RAPPAM)
  4. Capacity needs of the PAs system assessed
  5. PAs capacity development action plan developed
  6. PAs financial needs assessed, sustainable financing plan developed
  7. PAs monitoring database established
  8. Revision of the Law on Specially Protected Nature Areas supported
  9. Initiative on Natural World Heritage sites under the UNESCO World Heritage Convention started
  10. Communications strategy and action plan developed and implemented
  11. Publications produced (CBD Action Guide on Implementation of the PoWPAs in Armenian, Map of PAs in Armenian and English, Calendars 2009-2010, the brochure on PAs and communities etc.) and workshops/conferences organized
Funding Organization(s) / Donor(s):
MAVA Fondation Pour La Nature

Implementing Organization(s):

Project Implementation Location:
Republic of Armenia

Project Duration:
2007 – 2011


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