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21 Oct 2019

The softening of the government’s position regarding small hydro comes after years of opposition ...

08 Oct 2019

Romania’s Senate passed a bill on September 25, 2019, which no longer restricts the hunting of ...

07 Oct 2019

This major event in Bangkok will build momentum for an ambitious new approach to stop Asia's great ...

04 Oct 2019

Organizations will combine scientific expertise, knowledge and thought leadership to help tackle ...

02 Oct 2019

Our seas are overfished, and yet fish is a crucial source of food, nutrition and income for more ...

02 Oct 2019

The secured area will protect 300,000 hectares of rapidly disappearing Northern taiga, the last ...

01 Oct 2019

30 Years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia ...

30 Sep 2019

WWF and many others are calling for an Emergency Declaration for Nature and People to be signed at ...

27 Sep 2019

The French Water Partnership and WWF are hosting the dialogue at the Pavilion de L'eau in Paris.

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