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Guidelines on Business and KBAs: Managing Risk to Biodiversity

Business in Key Biodiversity Areas: minimising the risk to nature

A roadmap for businesses operating in some of the most biologically significant places on the planet has been issued today by the Key Biodiversity ...

18 Apr 2018 Read more »
Bialowieza forest, Poland.

Logging in Białowieża Forest illegal, EU Court of Justice rules

“Today is a clear victory for Europe’s wildlife. Nature cannot be ignored and neither can EU law. Polish environment minister Kowalczyk must withdraw ...

17 Apr 2018 Read more »
The International Maritime Organization headquarters in London.

Global Shipping Sector Steps Up, Sets Climate Targets And Bans Use Of Heavy Fuel Oil In Arctic

In a landmark step forward for the goals set out in the Paris Agreement, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) today agreed to climate ...

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Elephants in the dust

Taiwan announces plan to ban domestic ivory trade

Taiwan’s announced its plan to ban its domestic ivory trade starting on 1 January 2020. This follows similar changes in policy from Mainland China, ...

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A recently collared elephant feels its GPS collar for the first time having been revived. Mikumi National Park, Tanzania.

The collars that could help save elephants

In Tanzania, the country’s largest ever elephant collaring exercise has begun. Over the next year in Tanzania, the government, with our support, aims ...

04 Apr 2018 Read more »
Earth Hour 2018 in Scotland

Earth Hour 2018: Globe unites to celebrate people’s connection to our planet

Individuals, businesses and organizations in a record 188 countries and territories worldwide spark unprecedented conversation and action on stopping ...

25 Mar 2018 Read more »

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