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The ocean sustains our life on Earth

WWF response to Sanchi oil tanker collision

In response to the Sanchi oil tanker sinking in the East China Sea, Ghislaine LLewellyn, Deputy Director of WWF’s Ocean Practice, ...

15 Jan 2018 Read more »
Green turtle

Increasing temperatures are turning green turtle populations female in the northern Great Barrier Reef

​A new study reveals increasing temperatures are turning green turtle populations almost completely female in the northern Great Barrier Reef.

08 Jan 2018 Read more »
Ambergris caye, Belize, Central America

Belize becomes a world leader in ocean protection by ending oil activity in its waters

Belize, home of the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, has become a world leader in ocean sustainability, following the Belizean ...

05 Jan 2018 Read more »
Pirin National Park

Bulgarian government silently moves to open almost half of Pirin National Park to construction despite public concerns

The decision was announced a few days before Bulgaria takes over the Presidency of the European Council.

29 Dec 2017 Read more »
Elephant tusks stored away under extreme security measures in the ivory stock pile of the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

TRAFFIC Study: Japan’s ivory market must close

Well-organized transnational criminal networks and a poorly regulated domestic market are among the factors making Japan a lucrative target for ...

20 Dec 2017 Read more »
Shinisaurus crocodilurus vietnamensis

Scientists discover 115 new species in Greater Mekong Region: WWF report

A crocodile lizard, a snail-eating turtle and a horseshoe bat are just three of the 115 new species discovered by scientists in the Greater Mekong ...

19 Dec 2017 Read more »

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