Mitigating Impacts of Climate Change through the Restoration of Forest Landscapes in the Southern Caucasus

Project Description:

The Southern Caucasus region already shows significant climate-induced changes, notably increasing temperatures, shrinking glaciers, sea level rise, reduction and redistribution of river flows, decreasing snowfall, etc. In the last decades the forests in Armenia have suffered significant changes which were conditioned by a negative effect of human factor and undesirable climate changes. As a result the forest ecosystems were damaged and lost their resistance towards climate changes which decreased the possibility of carbon storage. All the above-mentioned factors brought about the necessity to restore forest ecosystems in the selected areas.

The project was implemented in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan and aimed at rehabilitation of forest ecosystems for increased carbon storage. In Armenia the total target territory made about 630 ha located in Lori Region, including both community and state owned areas. The project was implemented in collaboration with “Hayantar” SNCO (state forest manager under the Ministry of Agriculture) and ATP (forest related NGO).

  1. Regenerate or rehabilitate forest ecosystems in selected pilot areas (630 ha in Lori Region) for increased carbon storage and enhance resilience against climate change
  2. Put selected ecosystems under sustainable management regimes as well as improve local powers for the implementation of afforestation/forest rehabilitation and application of sustanable forest management schemes
Project Outcomes:
  1. Over 630 hectares of afforested sites in the Lori Region
  2. Increased accumulation of carbon storage and resilience enhancement against climate change
  3. Improvement of the social-economic state in the selected communities of the project implementation and creation of new temporary employment
  4. Increased level of local awareness on the challenge of climate change impacts
  5. Development of community forest management system
  6. Close cooperation with different local and international organizations involved in environmental sphere
Funding Organization(s) / Donor(s):
The Federal Environment Ministry of Germany (BMU) through KfW Development Bank

Implementing Organization(s):

Project Implementation Location:
Lori Province, Republic of Armenia

Project Duration:
2008 – 2011

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