Environmental problems in Russia

Twenty per cent of timber reaching Denmark from Russia could be illegal.
© WWF-Russia

$1 billion lost every year to illegal logging

Illegal and uncontrolled cutting is a major issue in many parts of Russia. Half of the total EU imports of Russian wood-based products go to Finland. Sweden, Germany, U.K. and Italy are also major wood importers from Russia.
Overall, illegal logging rates have reached high levels in the north-west of Russia and in the Russian Far East.

Russia loses approximately one billion US dollars per year to illegal logging and trade, which in turn restricts money available for good harvesting practices, local communities and development.

Such bad practices put at high risk wildlife in Russia's boreal forests - such as the capercaillie, white-backed woodpecker, siberian tiger and the Far Eastern leopard.
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What is WWF doing about the problems?

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