Tricky tool - Pledges seem to work out

Posted on 06 January 2014  | 
Famous contest “Devjee” or “Stage” which has become traditional and long-awaited experience for locals.
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Massive annual communications campaign, titled “A jug fills drop by drop” had taken place in 10 Saiga range soums of Gobi-Altai aimag in November-December 2013 jointly by WWF-Mongolia, local environmental agencies and Pasture Use Association.
The first feature event is called “Best marksman”, organized under the slogan “Caring for animals means loving ourselves” where most of known local hunters and potential poachers gathered together. The event used tricky tools targeting at poachers and aimed at conveying concrete messages on specific aspects of the Law on Fauna and take pledges to care for wildlife. Committing orally for an environmental cause through taking the pledge was unexpected yet pleasant part of the event for all participants, both potential poachers and ordinary residents. In the pledge, it was stated “I am proud to be a Mongolian man who used to worship sun every morning and venerate moon every night since millenia. I’m the one who learned to live in harmony with Mother nature. Therefore, I’m taking the oath to love my mother Earth and care for every living creature living in it”. Participants have read the pledge in front of the public and had their oath stamped by Saiga antelope. Additionally, elder hunters were giving advises and telling the stories about what is meant to be a genuine hunter.
The second interesting event, called “Kids are sale consultants” was carried out by youth club members of secondary schools. Eco club members have worked in the shops selling their hand made products and communicating environmental messages and providing information on environment friendly lifestyle.
A side event was held under theme “Women for pasture and environment protection”. Women exchanged their ideas and experiences on conservation of wildlife and home land and have planned some specific actions to undertake in the near future.
The forth and the core event was organized among Pasture User Groups of each soum, the famous contest “Devjee” or “Stage” which has become traditional and long-awaited experience for locals. The aim was to give an opportunity for participants to assess their own practice of using pasture, identify challenges and solution for improvement. Pasture users determined their role and responsibilities as well. This kind of tool is proven to be effective as herders hear each other, assess each others’ and own practices that have negative impact on pasture, make each other aware of pasture values, propose solutions and join efforts in making them a reality.
Famous contest “Devjee” or “Stage” which has become traditional and long-awaited experience for locals.
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