Marine turtles find safety on Greece's beaches

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Europe/Middle-East > Southern Europe > Greece

Of all 6 nesting beaches situated in Laganas bay, Sekania is the one with the highest sea turtle nest density. Greece.
© WWF Greece / Dimitris Karavellas


The Greek beaches of Laganas Bay are one of the most important nesting sites in the Mediterranean for the loggerhead turtle ─ the most number of nests are found at Sekania beach. But uncontrolled tourist development along the coast has dramatically reduced the beaches available for loggerhead nesting.

To protect the endangered marine turtle species, WWF purchased the area surrounding Sekania beach and helped establish a conservation area. Today, Laganas Bay and the beaches are part of the national marine park of Zakynthos.


Overall objective

Conservation of the Loggerhead sea turtle in the marine area of Laganas bay, Zakynthos island.

Specific objectives

- Safeguard good conservation status of Sekania beach.

- Pursue the proper operation of the National Marine Park.

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