Environmental problems in Finland

700 forest species are classified as endangered because of forestry

Finland is the largest wood pulp producer in the EU in terms of annual volume. Two-thirds of Finnish wood is exported to the EU.
 About one fifth of Finnish forest products, of which paper products make up a significant portion, contain wood originating from Russia and the Baltic states.

Almost all of Finland's forests are managed for timber production. In Southern Finland, 60% of Capercaillie have been lost in the last 40 years due to forests being fragmented and through habitat loss.
Although some progress is made on forest conservation in parts of Finland, about 700 forest species are classified as endangered because of forestry. The most common reasons for the decline are the small area of natural habitats that are set aside, and lack of trees being allowed to grow old and decay naturally.

Bad connections

Half of all Russian wood products exports to the EU go to Finland. Finland is also a major importer from the Baltic states. Russia and the Baltics have enormous problems with illegal and uncontrolled harvesting of valuable forests.
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What is WWF doing about the problems?

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