WWF in the Orinoco Basin

WWF Colombia along with Fundación para la Defensa de la Naturaleza (Fudena, from Venezuela) has carried out the Integrated Management of the Orinoco Basin, an initiative for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Colombia and Venezuela. The program focuses on aquatic ecosystems, associated flora and fauna, as well as the cultural diversity within them.
The alliance is made up of government organizations, NGOs and other organizations. The combined teams lobby the Colombian and Venezuelan governments for the Orinoco basin to be considered a priority area for conservation and sustainable use.

WWF Colombia's conservation actions in Orinoco Basin aim to:
  1. Characterise and analyse the principal ecological and hydrological processes and dynamics as well as the main threats to the Orinoco basin, in order to identify key areas for conservation and sustainable use.
  2. Guide the development of policies, proposals and projects that affect the region in terms of biology or hydrology.
  3. Facilitate the consolidation of bilateral Official Technical Commissions and other Venezuelan and Colombian study groups, in order to strengthen decision making in favor of the environment.
  4. Lobby key actors to utilise water resources within the Orinoco basin, thereby increasing their commitment towards implementing clean production technologies and promoting creation of public and private protected areas.
To achieve its objectives in the Orinoco basin, WWF Colombia has joined forces with government and non-governmental organisations, research institutions and teaching centres in Colombia and Venezuela. Alliances and collaboration agreements have been established with these institutions for exchanging information and work programmes.

WWF Colombia supports research projects aimed at gaining further understanding of ecological and hydrological dynamics within the region. The projects also identifies and evaluates principal threats. Promoted are initiatives for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Orinoco, providing technical support in GIS and conservation biology.

Good relations are established and strengthened with government bodies that make up the bilateral Official Technical Commissions in order to support decision making and political agendas related to the conservation and sustainable use of the Orinoco's biodiversity.

GIS for the Orinoco basin are being organised and updated using primary and thematic information as well as data from remote sensors. This constitutes the basic support tool for developing conservation strategies.

Furthermore, WWF Colombia backs local and regional grass-root organisations, providing technical and organisational capacity building. This leads to increased efforts for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

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