Forest Landscape Restoration in Northern Armenia

Project Description:
Forests play a significant social, environmental and economic role in the Caucasus. Northern Armenia is particularly characterized by high forest cover loss and overgrazing. The damaged forest ecosystems are no longer in a position to function as habitat for endangered species, erosion control or provision of natural resources (wood, berries, mushrooms, etc.) to meet the local population. Because of the destruction and degradation of forests many unique plant and animal species such as the Caucasus leopard, brown bear or wild goats lost their habitat.

The mountain forest along with other forest restoration measures is important for the networking of existing and proposed protected areas.

The project insludes the restoration of 70 hectares of mountain forest adjacent to Trchkan waterfall near Mets Parni community in Lori province as well as the establishment of a nursery for rehabilitation of threatened forest species in the territory of the Institute of Botany NAS RA in Yerevan. Also local community members will increase their income through involvement in different phases of implementation of the project.

The overall objective of the project is reforestation of forests and thus restoring the natural habitat of critically endangered plant and animal species and income generation for the local population.

Project Expected Deliverables:
  1. 70 hectares of mountain forest restored by 2015
  2. The nursery for rehabilitation of threatened forest species established in the territory of the Institute of Botany NAS RA in Yerevan
  3. Increased income of local community members by direct involvement in the preparation and implementation of the project 
Funding Organization / Donor:

Implementing Organization(s):

Project Implementation Location:
Lori Province and Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Project Duration:
2011 – 2015

For Further Information:
Mr. Arthur Alaverdyan
Project Coordinator
Tel: (+374 10) 54 61 56 (ext. 17)

Mr. Gera Voskanyan
Partnership & Communications Manager
Tel: (+374 10) 54 61 56 (ext. 14)

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