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 / ©: Orange
Orange Armenia Logo
© Orange
As part of the partnership between Orange and WWF, Orange Armenia contributes to the environmental activities of WWF Armenia by donating 1% of amounts from sale of each handset and smartphone that has eco-label. The eco-label shows the environmental impact of the handsets in manufacturing process or as related to the materials used.

Orange Armenia 


 / ©: HSBC
HSBC Armenia Logo
In the frames of a 5 year global partnership called The HSBC Climate Partnership local HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC and WWF Armenia have embarked on Green Armenia partnership.

HSBC Bank Armenia 

Armenia Marriott Hotel

 / ©: Armenia Marriott Hotel
Armenia Marriott Hotel Logo
© Armenia Marriott Hotel
WWF Armenia and Armenia Marriott Hotel launched and implemented two campaigns: "Help WWF Armenia to Save the Leopard" in September 2007 and "Reserves and National Parks" in October, 2008.

Armenia Marriott Hotel


 / ©: Lyunse
Logo for "Lyunse" youth program on the Armenian Public Radio
© Lyunse
This partnership with youth program of Armenian Public Radio centered on a weekly environment program. Panda Facts. It explored exciting details on water use, sustainable materials, ecological footprint, global warming, energy efficiency, endangered species, management of protected areas, and many other environmental issues. 

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