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Global Leader of the Food Practice

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17 July 2017
WWF launched a new strategy that harnesses the strengths of the WWF network in a shared vision, focussing on six major goals - water, wildlife, the ocean, climate and energy, forests, and food – and three key drivers of environmental problems – markets, finance and governance.
In support of this strategy WWF undertook a redesign of its international secretariat that will further unite WWF offices and its near 6,400 staff around the world. This will help WWF to build stronger partnerships across the world with government, business, civil society and individuals. Together, we will deliver on WWF’s ambitious goals.
We are recruiting the role of Global Leader of the Food Practice to help us achieve our new ambitious goals, and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.


WWF offices in several countries have come forward to host Practices. The exact location for the Practice Leader will be determined looking for the best combination of strategically right location and the right talent.  

The Food Practice   

The Food Practice seeks to achieve three major outcomes by 2030: 
  1. Agriculture and aquaculture production is managed sustainably to ensure biodiversity conservation, resilience to climate change, and benefits to rural communities  
  2. Food waste and post-harvest loss is halved along the value chain 
  3. Major markets* shift towards consumer choices that are environmentally sustainable and heathier

The Practice Leader   

The Practice Leader is the head of the Practice and is ultimately responsible to the NET for delivering on WWF Global Goals and to lead the Practice Core Team as well as the Practice Leadership team. The main responsibilities of the Practice Leader are: 
  • Strategic direction – Guide the further development and strategy around Practice goals and outcomes by being an inspirational leader to the Practice members
  • Thought and content leadership – Provide a comprehensive view and expertise on the Practice area by leveraging the best knowledge and ideas sourced both internally and externally  
  • Outreach to expert communities – Engage with the broader scientific and policy community  and represent WWF to build a formal community of experts and  strategic alliances
  • Influence key actors – Work to influence and change the behaviour and policies of key stakeholders and build strategic partnerships
  • External relationship building – Foster close relationships with key players within business, governments, international organizations, NGOs and institutions
  • Internal relationship building – Engage and convene the broader WWF Network including the  Practice Leadership Team and focal points and other Practice Leaders, CEOs, Conservation  Directors and senior leaders including functional leads at WWF  International. 
For further details, please see attached document.

How to apply? 

Please send your covering letter and CV to
WWF is an equal opportunity employer and committed to having a diverse workforce.
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