One Europe, More Nature: business and nature in Europe

OEMN Mission

WWF's One Europe More Nature (OEMN) project uses an innovative approach to forge unusual partnerships so that business and nature can co-exist. Its mechanisms lead to win-win solutions for all, allowing Europe's rural workers to make incomes from the countryside while protecting nature. OEMN, tested at many pilot rural locations throughout Europe, is now mainstreaming conservation into everyday European business life.

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  • The project is funded and inspired by WWF Netherlands, led by Charlie Avis of the WWF Global Freshwater Programme, and is set to run until summer 2009, although the projects in place will continue beyond that.
  • OEMN Results: Businesses are making revenues. Local workers and farmers have new jobs and incomes. Local and regional governments are cooperating. Local economies are slowly being diversified and made more resilient to external drivers of change. And there is more nature, including quality natural products, restored habitats, protected species and secure environmental services.

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