Priority places: Central Annamites

Includes forests still impacted by defoliants used during the Vietnam/US war

The Greater Annamites ecoregion is subdivided into three sub-ecoregions, each of which comprises a number of Priority Landscapes. These are the North, Central (this page) and Southern Annamites.

Some landscapes were identified as potentially globally significant, but they could not be classified due to a lack of data and information. These are grouped under Survey Areas.

Central Annamite

Priority Landscape CA1| ranking: CRITICAL

This area encompasses the mosaic of landscapes and biodiversity that best represent the central sub-division of the Greater Annamites.

Not only is the area important for Annamite endemics such as the saola and large-antlered Muntjac, but also for several taxa such as the Grey-shanked douc langur that are restricted to this area. Two survey areas (see below), one to the north and one to the south may extend this Priority Landscape considerably. The forests in this area are amongst the most heavily impacted by defoliants used during the American/Vietnam war.

Dong Phou Vieng Bolaven Plateau

Priority Landscape CA2 & Priority Landscape CA3 | ranking: both HIGH

These landscapes have both been selected because they are known to represent the montane vegetation types of the Central Annamite. The importance of this vegetation rests on the communities of plants that have adapted to the particular climatic and soil conditions found at altitudes over 1000m. Several plant, reptile and amphibian species have only been recorded in these areas, however, they may well be found in other areas that as yet remain unsurveyed.

These areas are likely to be included in portions of the Central Annamite Priority Landscape (CA1). Until this is confirmed however, these two landscapes must be included to ensure that all the biodiversity of the Annamite is represented. Additionally, both landscapes have been highly degraded by the expansion of agriculture, particularly for coffee.

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