Restoration of degraded forest landscapes

  • 20’000 hectares in both moist and dry forests
  • Active restoration:
    - Creation of community nurseries
    - Use of indigenous tree species
  • Passive restoration: natural regeneration of forest patches under protection
  1. Increase awareness of, and educate, farmers living close to degraded areas on the importance of Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR);
  2. Implement a FLR plan for each selected site;
  3. Train model farmers to establish and maintain tree nurseries;
  4. Develop and implement a management plan for the landscapes to be restored;
  5. Strengthen WWF-MWIOPO’s capacities on FLR;
  6. Participate in regional, national and international events on FLR.


  • Andapa zone: Betaolana and Tsaratanana forest corridors - 200 hectares.
  • Vondrozo zone - 6,000 hectares.
  • Ivohibe zone - 60 hectares.
  • Fandriana-Marolombo zone - 13,500 hectares.
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