Letter to the European Heads of State and Government on the REFIT proposal from the European Commission

Posted on 22 October 2013  | 

WWF, the European Environmental Bureau and BirdLife today wrote to the European Heads of State and Heads of Government expressing their dismay at the recent REFIT proposal from the European Commission. This seeks to introduce a periodic review of EU legislation and policy to ensure it is “fit for purpose”, and facilitates business at the expense of the environment.

WWF fears that this is the stat of a wider attack that on the environment. Member States like the UK are constantly citing the environment as a barrier to business. Not all red-tape is bad and in many circumstances it protects the interests of both business and the environment.

This REFIT proposal is particularly attacking the Habitats Directive, the future Soil Directive and access to justice.

Read the letter and find out the issues of concern 
Solar panels on a bank building in Berlin, Germany.
© Edward Parker / WWF-Canon Enlarge

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