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Greening the Black Sea Synergy

Posted on 10 June 2008
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The latest round of enlargement has brought the UE to the shores of the Black Sea, a distinct geographical area rich in natural resources and strategically located at the junction of Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

In 2007 the European Union launched the Black Sea Synergy (BSS) in order to promote the development of cooperation within the Black Sea countries and between the region and the European Union. After one year from its launch, the European Commission will soon present the first results of the implementation process of the BSS including a set of concrete proposals to be discussed by the Member States in the following months.

The new report “Greening the Black Sea Synergy” released today by WWF and Heinrich Böll Foundation points the attention on the environmental threats and challenges that the countries of the region are facing and need to be addressed in the next future.

Mass industrial development, uncontrolled infrastructure construction, overexploitation of resources like oil and gas, connected to the strong impact of climate change are some of the main problems that threaten the sustainable development of the populations of Romania and Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Belarus and Republic of Moldova.

The study provides detailed and concrete proposals addressed to the countries and the EU in the fields of environmental protection, climate change, energy, transport and security and strongly ask for environmental protection, integration and governance to become more prominent in the next steps of the Black Sea Synergy.

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