WWF launches the full version of its interactive map on nature and risk in the Arctic

Posted on 06 March 2014    
Sea ice in the Arctic.
Where does Statoil plan its next Arctic oil fields? How may the planned fields clash with important ecological areas? Which shipping routes may go through the northern sea route from now to 2060? Where do we find Arctic species such as the bowhead whale, the walrus or the puffin?

The answers may be found on the new full version of the web-based map ArkGIS, where you can access a variety of research-based information shown on a high-resolution map.

“In this updated version of ArkGIS we have significantly improved the user-friendliness of the platform and made a huge amount of new data available. This will help everyone who is interested in getting a better insight into important matters which are relevant for the ongoing public discussions around the Arctic,” said WWF’s project manager for ArkGIS Lars Erik Mangset.

The mapping tool can be found at www.arkgis.org
Sea ice in the Arctic.
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