Fisheries certification: Community fisheries

WWF is working hand-in-hand with fishing communities to develop well-managed fisheries and create new economic incentives for a sustainable future.
Fishing community in Halong Bay, Vietnam. rel=
Fishing community in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
© WWF / Meredith Lopuch
Small-scale fishers comprise approximately 94% of the world’s fishers and produce nearly half of the global fish supply for human consumption. Along the world’s coastlines, they provide most of the protein and jobs for neighboring communities, and operate in some of the most biologically rich and diverse places on earth.  

Harnessing consumer purchasing power
WWF’s Community Fisheries Program helps small-scale fisheries through the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification process. 

MSC certification not only provides long-term security for fishing communities and the marine environment, but also offers fisheries an opportunity to improve their management and advocate for better data collection, new laws, and stronger enforcement measures.

Opportunities for all
WWF wants to ensure that small-scale fisheries have the same opportunities to participate in the MSC certification scheme as large-scale fishing interests. WWF’s Community Fisheries Program is currently working on more than 15 projects worldwide, successfully emphasizing the participation of local fishers and engaging communities in protecting the resources they rely upon. 

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