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Leading by Example: Desso

"Companies who embrace sustainability into their strategies and key performance indicators will be the winners of tomorrow. The people who just talk a little bit and are defensive will be the losers." - Stef Kranendijk Desso's CEO


Zero impact means a rethink of the entire business model from R&D to manufacturing to marketing and selling but, it's worth it. Since 2007, the Dutch carpet company Desso has provided solid evidence that closed-loop footing is more than just a fanciful eco-imaginary.

Stef Kranendijk, who worked for Procter & Gamble for 19 years before joining Desso, has made a commitment that all the company's products will be fully cradle to cradle by 2020. According to him, one of the unexpected benefits from its new philosophy is the development of an innovation-led culture, which has led to the creation of new products, such as carpet tiles that increase indoor air quality by more efficiently trapping dust and chemical particles.

Listen to this webinar and learn how Desso has adapted to birth of a new movement.


Stef Kranendijk, CEO, Desso
Stef Kranendijk joined Desso in April 2007 after many years of experience in investing and running a variety of companies. He is co-owner and partner of Sares Invest BV (since 2004), a growing asset management firm, and has served on the board of several companies including Sterling Strategic Value Ltd. a reputed investment firm taking positions in public companies.

Prior to his independent entrepreneurship, Stef served in senior leadership positions at Procter & Gamble for 19 years. He was President Europe, Middle East & Africa of Stanley Works, a US based S&P 500 company. He also held marketing, brand management, and strategic planning assignments in Italy, the U.K. and the Netherlands.


13 September 2012, from 12.30 to 13.30 CET

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