CANOPY (issue 3, 2014): quarterly REDD+ news from WWF's global Forest and Climate Programme

Posted on 23 July 2014    
Cover: CANOPY issue 3, 2014 -- WWF global Forest and Climate Programme
In this issue 3 of 2014, we highlight the work being led by the WWF-Indonesia team in Kutai Barat. We also present interviews with Maria Eugenia Arroyo of WWF-Peru, Dr. Mairon Bastos Lima, a postdoctoral researcher at Wageningen University and Research Centre, and Anggela Michi and Jiang Oliver Liao Torres who work on REDD+ issues with the regional government in Madre de Dios, Peru. As always, we include the latest REDD+ news, learning tools and information from WWF's Forest and Climate team. 

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