Clean Energy Facts

Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources, such as water, wind, solar or biomass. They are all being tapped through innovative technology to bring clean and efficient electricity to your homes and businesses.

  • Bioenergy Facts
    Biomass energy comes from plant and animal material, such as wood from forests, residues from agricultural and forestry processes, and industrial, human or animal wastes.
  • Hydroelectric Energy Facts
    Hydroelectric energy is electricity produced from the potential of dammed water or moving water, such as from rivers using turbines.
  • Ocean Energy Facts
    Ocean energy can be either driven by tides or capturing the motion of waves.
  • Solar Energy Facts
    Solar energy is energy derived from the sun. This can be done through passive solar design, solar heating or photovoltaics.
  • Wind Energy Facts
    Wind energy can be harvested nearly everywhere - in valleys, on mountains, at sea.
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Wind turbines at sunset.
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