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Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation

Global climate change carries huge risks – for food security and water security and other life-supporting services. Some impacts will be felt distinctly at the city scale: extreme weather events like heat waves, floods, storms, landslides, and droughts. Urban populations are particularly vulnerable to extreme weather events.

Rapid and integrated action
This is partly due to cities’ high-risk locations, for example on coasts or slopes, and has led many cities to engage in urgent action, both to mitigate the extent of climate change, and to adapt and become more resilient to a changed climate. Floodprevention solutions through new wetlands and landscaping are just one of the many innovations being sought. Deadly heat waves are being tackled by large-scale plantings of green roofs and trees. Cities are also adopting new strategies on where to develop land, and how to preserve greenspaces and water bodies.

Adaptation can be a very wise decision for cities with multiple benefits. Upgrading city infrastructure and buildings can boost competitiveness, employment, quality of life, and environmental performance.



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