High Conservation Value Forests: The concept in theory and practice

Posted on 05 February 2007  | 
This brochure will interest anyone seeking solutions for forest use that look at not only the economic value of forests but also the critical social and ecosystem values and services which forests provide to people and nature.

Readers will be able to learn about the concept of High Conservation Value Forests (HCVFs) and how it has been applied throughout the world. They will also be able to see how the concept has been used in many different settings and by a wide range of stakeholder groups, including:
  • government policy-makers involved in conservation, forestry and landscape planning;
  • forest managers and owners interested in responsible forest management and certification;
  • investors and donors concerned with reducing the social and environmental risks of their support to forest sector projects; and
  • organizations working in conservation and sustainable development.

The brochure also includes a brief discussion of how the HCVF concept and its uses may develop in the future.

In the last five years, the HCVF concept has been picked up by many groups around the world and used in many different applications. This rapid expansion has been accompanied by exciting innovations but has also brought challenges in maintaining consistency in how the concept has been used and clarity in how it has been understood. It has also made it difficult to keep track of all the innovation and experimentation going on.

The aim of this brochure is therefore to clarify the concept, show its strengths and limitations, illustrate how it has been applied throughout the world, and look forward to how the concept may evolve in the future.

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