WWF's work on sustainable agriculture & aquaculture

WWF is particularly focusing on the sustainable production of 8 priority farmed commodities: cattle (beef and dairy), cotton, biofuels, palm oil, salmon, shrimp, soy, and sugarcane.
Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fish farm, Ryfylke, Norway.
© Erling Svensen / WWF

Work centres on:

  • Convening multi-stakeholder roundtables that define principles and criteria for reducing the impacts of growing priority commodities
  • Identifying and implementing better management practices that protect the environment as well as producers' bottom line
  • Creating financial incentives to encourage biodiversity conservation
  • Improving agricultural policies
  • Identifying new income opportunities for producers to ensure their economic viability.
The work is underpinned by the expertise and knowledge of WWF's Global Forest Programme, Freshwater Programme, Marine Programme and Energy Programme, and carried out in conjunction with:

WWF's priority farmed commodities

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