Tiger Trade

Tackling Tiger Trade

Illegal trade in tigers and their parts is the major driver of poaching and tiger population decline. In partnership with TRAFFIC, the wildlife monitoring network, WWF focuses on combating wildlife crime at all points along the trade chain, from source to market.
WWF and TRAFFIC work together to sever critical links along the trade chain through:
criminalistic research to address source and transit country issues;
support for law enforcement agencies in tiger range countries;
demand-reduction work in China;
mobilizing and engaging partners in international advocacy.
Using cutting edge technology in combination with proven engagement and advocacy techniques, is enabling us to make headway in tacking the tiger trade. 


TRAFFIC and WWF have been working to implement iBase, an intelligence data management application that enables the collection and organization of poaching and trade information. TRAFFIC is using this system to produce informed, practical analysis of the complex syndicate networks involved in tiger poaching.

 / ©: National Geographic Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF
© National Geographic Stock / Michael Nichols / WWF

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