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10 Sep 2019

19 of 23 marine EU Member States are falling behind on developing management plans for their Marine ...

24 Jun 2019

iIlegal management of protected North Sea nature reserves has left protected areas decimated by ...

21 Jun 2019

What could this mean for Europe?

18 Jun 2019

Fishers will be the first to pay the price for an ocean devoid of life.

04 Jun 2019

WWF calls on the EU to lead on global ocean governance in the face of climate change

29 Apr 2019

As biodiversity continues its unprecedented decline, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform ...

04 Apr 2019

Today’s European Parliament plenary vote affirms immense step backwards to re-introduce ...

27 Mar 2019

We have Ecolabels for new fridges - we need the same economy-wide

07 Mar 2019

European Parliament reintroduces subsidies to grow EU fishing fleet

12 Feb 2019

Today’s European Parliament vote on the Multiannual Management Plan for the EU’s Western Waters - ...

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