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UN Freshwater Agreements Initiative: Newsletters

- July 2012: Learn about the new ratifications that are accelerating the process for entry into force of both the UN Watercourses Convention and the 2003 Amendments to the UNECE Water Convention. And much more!

- September 2011: After a short summer break, our newsletter is back. This edition highlights progress on ratifications, the outcomes of important regional events and exciting activities planned ahead of the 6th World Water Forum. We also have important news with regard to the ILC Draft Articles.

- April 2011: We are only in April and there's much to celebrate: 3 additional countries have joined the UN Watercourses Convention since our last newsletter. Only 11 more are necessary for entry into force.

- January 2011: Starting the year with some wonderful news: in Dec.2010, Greece became the 21st contracting state to the UN Watercourses Convention. And our global initiative is now on Facebook. Please join us there!

- September 2010: Highlights in this newsletter include Nigeria's recent ratification and the approval by the Norwegian Government of a WWF grant proposal to support and boost the UN Watercourses Convention Global Initiative. Enjoy!

- June 2010: Great news from West Africa: Guinea-Bissau has deposited its instrument of accession to the UN Watercourses Convention, bringing down to 16 the number of ratifications needed for entry into force!

- February 2010: UNSGAB’s reiterates its support for the UN Watercourses Convention in its Hashimoto Action Plan II; the annual UN Treaty Event will once again call on member states to join the convention: learn more about the event in our newsletter.

- November 2009: Find out about the additional ratification that brought the process for entry into force of the UN Watercourses Convention past the halfway mark, and check the new materials available on our webpage.

- August 2009: This newsletter highlights additional ratifications of the amendments to the UNECE Water Convention, as well as the new materials and information available on the website.

- May 2009: Tunisia ratified the UN Watercourses Convention! Read our congratulations to them and learn about the convention's popularity at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul, Turkey.

- February 2009: 2009 started with a bang! Read about WWF's involvement in the Central American Conference of Water Legislators, and catch up on governance developments in West Africa.

- November 2008: 2008 is coming to a strong close! Learn about our most recent successes with the IUCN World Conservation Congress, in Barcelona, Spain.

- July 2008: What a busy summer! Read about our plans for upcoming world water events, as well as the outcomes from recent meetings and workshops. Challenge yourself to become more familiar with the CBD and the MDGs!
- March 2008: Read about WWF's new partnerships and the West Africa Regional Workshop. And learn about progress in the entry into force of the 2003 Amendment to the UNECE Water Convention.

- November 2007: Lots of progress has been made! Learn about the desk studies that are now available exploring the relevance and applicability of the UN Watercourses Convention in several regions and basins. Read about Uzbekistan's ratification of the UN Watercourses Convention!

- July 2007: Find out what the UN Freshwater Agreements Project is all about! And discover three important international freshwater instruments: (1) the UN Watercourses Convention; (2) the ILC Draft Articles; and (3) the UNECE Water Convention.
The International Nature Reserve Khanka Lake. The Amur-Heilong Freshwater Ecoregion 
	© WWF Russia / Yuri Darman
The Amur-Heilong Freshwater Ecoregion supports the International Nature Reserve Khanka-Xingkai Lake, one of the Ramsar Sites and the largest protected area in the region
© WWF Russia / Yuri Darman

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