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UN Freshwater Agreements Initiative: Media Releases

The UN Watercourses Convention Global Initiative keeps gaining momentum

Rio+20: UK to accede to UN Water Convention (23 June 2012)

Rio+20/Water: Vital UN Watercourses Convention on verge of ratification, says WWF (15 June 2012)

World Water Day 2012
(March 22)

WWF welcomes French support of UN Watercourses Convention
(12 March 2012)

Wasser hat natürliche Grenzen – keine nationalen

Faire de l’eau un facteur de coopération entre les Nations : Vote du Sénat en faveur de l’adhésion à une convention des Nations-Unies (23 December 2010)

Greece joins cascade towards global water treaty (14 December 2010)

Minister of Water Resources on Projects
(13 December 2010)

Le Burkina Faso honoré par le prix ‘WWF leaders for a living planet’ pour sa mise en oeuvre du droit international de l'eau
(November 2010)

Guinea-Bissau sign-up boosts prospects for world water treaty
(09 September 2010)

France gives major boost to international water treaty
(04 June 2010)

Spain takes international water treaty past half way mark
(1 October 2009)

Wealthy world at risk from water woes elsewhere (20 August 2009)

How much water are you really using? (20 August 2009)

Environmentalists disappointed by World Water Forum (23 March 2009) 

Diplomacy key to defusing row over 'Blue Gold' (21 March 2009)

Interest grows in neglected global water treaty (21 March 2009)

Palestine commits to ratify the UN Watercourses Convention (19 March 2009)

Cette eau si rare (17 March 2009)

UN report highlights growing water stress but could put more stress on protecting ecosystems
(16 March 2009)

Water declaration vague on main issues (22 March 2009)

WWF Centroamerica impulsa ratificacion de la Convencion de Naciones Unidas sobre Derecho de los Usos de los Cursos de Agua Internacionales (22 October 2008, in Spanish)


World needs global water agreement now (19 August 2008)


WWF in 'water wars' warning (19 August 2008)


Llama WWF a adherirse a Convencion de la ONU sobre rios fronterizos (7 July 2008, in Spanish)

Water could become bigger crisis than power
(20 April 2008)


UK government still stalling on UN waters treaty (1 November 2007)


Here you can also find a media backgrounder on the UN Watercourses Convention and the global initiative supporting the ratification process.

Tribal girl collecting water from the Srepok River, Vietnam. 
	© WWF / Elizabeth KEMF
Tribal girl collecting water from the Srepok River, Vietnam.
© WWF / Elizabeth KEMF

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