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Forests are the lungs of our Earth, yet we are losing them at an alarming rate. WWF takes a solutions-oriented, integrated and local-to-global approach to tackle the causes of deforestation and degradation.

WWF's work is geared toward halting deforestation and forest degradation around the world, from rainforests to temperate forests. Tough assignment? With your help, we can make it happen.

Forests for a Living Planet

The planet's lungs. Home to people and wildlife. Engines of green economies. Forests are essential to life on Earth. They are home to amazing animals and plants – almost nine out of ten species found on land live in forests. They lock up vast amounts of carbon and release oxygen. Forests make rainfall and filter freshwater. They provide substinence, fuelwood and medicines.

Forests have been at the heart of WWF’s work for half a century, and we are proud of our accomplishments to protect these amazing ecosystems, the biodiveristy that they harbor, and the communities that have called these forests homes for centuries.

We’ve fought for the creation of national parks and other protected areas, helped bring more attention to responsible harvesting and trade of timber products and have helped increase transparency and continual improvement in forest markets; and we’re working to tackle new threats, like the destruction of forests for bioenergy.

There's much to celebrate. But forests still face major threats. As more wood is used for energy, more land is cleared for agriculture, new roads bring settlers and industry beyond today frontiers and climate change causes extreme weather events, forests will come under pressure like never before.

Forests for Life

WWF combines cutting edge science, new perspectives from partners and our decades of on-the-ground experience to help tackle some of the biggest challenges and stickiest issues in conservation.

We know no organization can save forests alone.

That's why we work in close cooperation and coordination with other stakeholders to trigger new thinking and innovative solutions to tackle the vast resource challenges facing a world of over seven billion people. 
We aim to achieve our vision for forests by:
  1. Increasing protected areas and bringing more forests under improved management.
  2. Halting deforestation, particularly in deforestation fronts.
  3. Restoring degraded forest landscapes. 

WWF’s Global Goal for Forests:

A world enriched by extensive, resilient forest landscapes benefiting biodiversity, people and climate.



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