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WWF is working to build a future where people and nature thrive.

We’ve got a global network of expert staff and tens of millions of supporters and followers around the world. But we’re tackling some of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced, and we can’t do it alone.

To create change at the scale and speed our planet needs, everyone must be part of the solution. That’s individuals, governments and business.

Whether through direct operations or supply chains, business depends on natural resources. It needs energy. WWF works directly with companies and through industry-specific roundtables and platforms to reduce the ecological footprint of doing business, and to help the private sector be better stewards of shared natural assets.

We also advocate for policies and regulations that promote sustainability and protect people’s rights.

How does it work?

WWF typically works with companies in three ways:

1. Driving sustainable business practices

We use bilateral partnerships to change practices throughout a company’s operations and value chain.

2. Communications and awareness raising

We raise awareness of key environmental issues and mobilise consumer action.

3. Philanthropic relationships

We raise money through these relationships for the conservation of key places and endangered species.

WWF works with business to:

  • promote better production and responsible sourcing of raw materials;

  • encourage a switch to 100% renewable energy and away from fossil fuels;

  • engage jointly on public policy;

  • support the equitable sharing of natural resources;

  • redirect financial flows to support conservation and sustainable ecosystem management;

  • raise awareness of the need to consume more wisely; and

  • protect some of the world’s most ecologically important places.
  • Transparency and Accountability

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    WWF International Corporate Partnerships Report 2017
    © WWF
    We want results and impacts from our partnerships.

    Accountability to results and transparency to our supporters and our members are key to working in a constructive, cooperative manner with business. 

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