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Update on Activities in the Caucasus

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Here is a selection of activities that the Protected Areas for a Living Planet project has contributed to in the last 12 months in the Caucasus Ecoregion:
Regional level activities: 

National level activities: 


  • A brochure on "Protected Areas and Communities" has been published that presents information about PAs and socio-economic development.
  • Two volumes of the Red Book on plants and animals have been published.
  • A brochure on PAs investment in Armenia has been published.


  • For the first time, a comprehensive GIS database for PAs has been developed.
  • A Tourism Development Plan for Shirvan National Park has been submitted to the Government.
  • IUCN guidelines for Sustainable Financing of PAs has been translated into national language and published.

  • A complete inventory of Natural Monuments has been conducted and law to protect them is currently being developed.
  • A PA economic valuation process is currently conducted in two pilot sites.
  • A radio programme on biodiversity and PAs and a public service announcement served to raise awareness during the International Year of Biodiversity.

  • In the Russian part of Caucasus creation and extension of PAs is underway: it is planned to extend protection with 484881 hectares.
  • An analysis on PAs and future development in the North Caucasus has been published. 

  • A stakeholder workshop on Protected Areas & Climate Change was convened and a Draft National Strategy for Turkey was developed.
  • WWF, MoEF and UNDP jointly organized a series of public activities throughout the year to celebrate the 2010 Year of Biodiversity.
  • An interactive map of PAs is currently being designed.
  • A RAPPAM report (in Turkish) was published in 2009.
	© Michael Gunther/WWF
Rivermouth at Cayagzi, Turkey
© Michael Gunther/WWF

Key Facts

  • Caucasian leopard 
	© WWF Armenia / A. Malkhasyan / I. Khorozyan / M. Boyajyan


    • PAs cover 12.4% of the country
    • In 2009 the Government approved 230 new Natural Monuments
	© WWF Armenia / A. Malkhasyan


    • PAs cover more than 10% of the territory
    • Since 2004 PAs coverage has increased by 4.5%
	© Kote Gabrichidze


    • More than 7% of the country is protected
    • A transboundary PA (23,000 ha) with Turkey is planned
	© Wild Wonders of Europe/Schandy/WWF


    • 12,000 PAs cover 200 million ha or 12% of the country
    • Russia has committed to protect additional 10 million ha by 2020
    • The total area of world heritage sites in Russia exceeds 20 million ha
	© WWF / Michel GUNTHER


    • there are 305 different categories of PAs in Turkey
    • 4.5% of the country is currently protected

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