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Climate Proofing the Danube Delta through integrated land and water management

More than 6,000 flora and fauna species and 30 types of ecosystems shape the biodiversity of one of Europe’s unique regions and one of the 200 most valuable ecoregions of the World – the Danube Delta. Climate change is likely to have considerable impacts on the region: sea level rise, more frequent floods, decreasing fish stocks and changed in species composition will not only hinder the ecosystem balance but may undermine welfare of local communities. However, negative impacts of climate change can be minimised if proactive and timely adaptation action is mainstreamed into all sectors of economy.

Three-year project will lay foundation for the comprehensive adaptation action of the Danube Delta region to climate change.

As a first step, interdisciplinary climate vulnerability assessment was conducted. The findings of the vulnerability assessment have been used to prepare trans-boundary Adaptation Strategy.  One of the proposed adaptation measures is switch from imported coal to local energy generation from biomass (reed and invasive shrubs). Pilot project in the Ukrainian part of the Delta will show pros and cons of this model.

Two information campaigns targeting general public and school kids will raise awareness about climate impacts and provide ideas on how to benefit from new conditions. You can download information for kids here and learn more about the project in general here.


Press-conference: "Climate-change - global challenge for humanity!"
(in Ukrainian)

"Climate change and the Danube Delta" video

"How Climate in the Danube Region Has Been Changing" video (in Russian)

Project partners:

Danube Biosphere Reserve (Ukraine)
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Romania)
«Center for Regional Studies» (Odesa, Ukraine) 
♦ NGO «Ecospektru» (Chisinau, Moldova)
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“Scientific community has long agreed that climate change is not a theory but a reality. It is a crisis with global consequences for the Planet and all of us, its inhabitants”.
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Project is financed by the ENRTP Programme, European Commision

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