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Angel Falls

Canaima National Park, Venezuela.

Angel Falls

Canaima National Park, Venezuela. rel= © WWF / Bruno PAMBOUR

The World's Highest Free-Falling Waterfall

What & Where?
The awe-inspiring Angel Falls are located in the Canaima National Park, in southeastern Venezuela. They spill over Auyantepui, which is one of the largest tepuis (a flat-top mountain ending with vertical walls) of the world, into the Devil’s Canyon below. Angel Falls is the world’s highest free-falling waterfall at 979 m (3212 ft).

Angel Falls is about 15 times the height of the Niagara and 80% of it is free-falling and uninterrupted! During the rainy months, the Angel Falls can split into 2 or more falls, each with its distinct plume. The waterfall is located in a remote Venezuelan jungle and only visible by plane or boat. It was originally found by Venezuelan explorer Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz, but is named after American aviator James Crawford Angel, who landed at the top of the falls in 1935.