Water Resources Management, Mahafaly Plateau (Toliara Province)

Beza-Mahafaly Plateau, Madagascar
The project aims at contributing to poverty alleviation through sustainable development in the Mahafaly Plateau, in the Southwestern region of Madagascar.

The Mahafaly Plateau covers much of the Southwestern region of Atsimo-Andrefana. This semi-arid area is a high priority area for the conservation of Madagascar’s unique biodiversity.  This is evidenced by the various scientific priority activities undertaken by WWF.

Within the Mahafaly Plateau is the Tsimanampesotse lake, the first site declared Wetlands of International Importance as part of the Madagascar's contribution to the Ramsar Convention.

March-June 2014

Improved Livelihoods through solar-powered desalinization of ground water, SW Madagascar & Mahafaly Landscape, Beheloke
WWF Volunteers with WWF Madagascar project "Improved Livelihoods through solar-powered ... 
	© WWF / Enathe Hasabwamariya
Our group!
© WWF / Enathe Hasabwamariya

January-April 2011

July-Sept 2007

...worked on WWF’s water management environmental education activities in Itampolo & Ejeda communities.

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