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WWF’s first Asia Panda Ball

WWF Asia Panda Ball
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A Colorful Soirée in Support of the Coral Triangle

Singapore, 21 November 2008
WWF’s inaugural Asia Panda Ball held at the St. Regis Singapore, John Jacob Ballroom, was a resounding success. The gala evening enthralled 400 guests with a colourful marine paradise setting that was aligned to the evening’s theme ‘The Coral Triangle’.

Jointly organized by WWF International and WWF Singapore, and supported by TES-AMM (Singapore) Pte Ltd, the Asia Panda Ball was attended by Guest-of-Honour, Prof. S. Jayakumar, DPM and Co-ordinating Minister for National Security and Climate Change. WWF also had the privilege to welcome HRH Princess Laurentien of The Netherlands, a continous supporter of WWF.

The gala evening offered a unique opportunity to highlight WWF's work in the region; to reach out to an elite group of individuals; and to catalyse action to ensure that the oceans and costs of the Coral triangle remain vibrant and healthy, providing food and livelihoods for generations to come.

The funds raised at the ball support the WWF Singapore Conservation Fund and will be allocated to a Singapore-based project, with an awareness campaign on sustainable seafood consumption. At the Asia Panda Ball, MSC-certified Rock Lobster and Leopard Coral Trout from a sustainable source in Queensland were on the menu.

The evening’s programme featured an array entertainment highlights from a specially choreographed dance segment, to the charity auction featuring a unique panda gown donated by Ms Charlene Wittstock, former South African Olympic swimmer and model, at the previous Panda Ball in Monaco. The greenhouse gas emissions associated with the Asia Panda Ball is measured and offset with Gold Standard carbon credits through Climate Friendly.

Quotes of the evening

“We are very pleased with the success of our inaugural Panda Ball in Asia. The Asia Panda Ball provides a good platform to raise the ecological consciousness of both corporations and individuals. The tremendous support we have received from the government, various stakeholders and corporations in Singapore demonstrates the continuous long-term commitment towards sustainable development efforts on environmental concerns, regardless of the current economic climate and challenges faced by many today,” said WWF International Director General, James P. Leape.

"Singapore is honoured to be the first Asian country to host the Panda Ball, a prestigious gala event in aid of nature conservation. This dovetails well with Singapore’s longstanding sustainable development efforts to address environmental issues such as climate change, cleaning of waterways, water resource management, reforestation, marine conservation, and many others.” said Professor S. Jayakumar, Deputy Prime Minister and Co-ordinating Minister for National Security.

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The Coral Triangle

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Coral Triangle map. Click to enlarge.
Partnerships For Sustainable Solutions
The Coral Triangle spans across the seas of South East Asia and Western Pacific and is the world’s epicenter of marine life abundance and diversity. The richness of species is so high that the region is sometimes referred to as the “Amazon of the Seas”.

The Coral Triangle covers all or part of the seas of Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste and Fiji.

The Coral Triangle is straining to directly sustain more than 120 million people living within this area, and benefit millions more worldwide.

WWF is working with partners in the private sector, governmental agencies and civil society in the Coral Triangle - from conducting cutting-edge marine research and policy reform, to pioneering community-based management and large scale marine protected areas. WWF is building on its experience with traditional conservation practices, partnering with industry on chain of custody issues and promoting best management practices.

As a non-profit organization, WWF’s main purpose in organizing the Panda Ball is to enroll support and raise funds for the organization’s vital nature conservation activities focusing on the beauty of the Coral Triangle.

Help us protect the beauty, magnificence, value and benefits of the Coral Triangle for future generations by joining us at the Panda Ball.

Asia Pacific has some of the fastest growing economies and yet nearly 670 million people continue to live on less than US$1 a day. Achieving a balance between pursuing development and conserving natural resources presents the greatest challenge facing the region today.

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