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At the coast

Whether you are a diver, angler or just love the beach, by following these tips you can help protect our coastlines and marine environment.
  • Ask local authorities or your dive shop how to protect coral reefs, seagrass meadows, beaches, and other marine habitats.
  • Don't put rubbish or human waste in rivers or the sea.
  • Don't leave waste on the beach.
  • Don't buy products made from any endangered species, including tortoise-shell or coral - they could be illegal.
  • Don't collect shells, corals, or other natural items.
  • Don't anchor boats on a reef.
  • If you dive or snorkel, don't touch reefs or marine animals! Keep yourself and your scuba gear off coral reefs. And try to stay off the bottom: stirred-up sediment can settle on coral and smother it.
  • If you go whale watching, or watching other marine mammals and birds, ensure the tour operator stays a respectable distance from the animals. And never touch!
  • Take a look at EarthDive - a global project for millions of divers, snorkellers, and ordinary citizens to preserve the health and diversity of our oceans.
  • Volunteer for a coral reef or beach cleanup for your holiday.
  • Respect all local guidelines, recommendations, regulations for fishing.
  • Don't use lead weights for angling as lead is a toxic metal.
  • Take all rubbish home from the beach and countryside - many types of plastic litter are dangerous to wildlife and can take years to degrade.
  • Also take home any discarded hooks, nets, lines, and weights as they are a potential threat to wildlife.
  • Don't let your dog foul the beach. If there are no disposal bins ask the local council to provide some and take home any mess.
  • Report anything unusual, such as pollution or animal strandings, to the local authorities or coastguard.

White sand beaches. Turneffe, Belize.

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