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Bialowieza is one of Europe's last virgin forests

Logging of Białowieża Forest illegal, confirms the Advocate General of EU Court

The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union has today issued an opinion in which he confirms that it was unlawful to increase ...

20 Feb 2018 Read more »
Minke whale

Whale cam attached to minke in a world-first

For the first time ever, scientists in Antarctica have attached a camera to a minke – one of the most poorly understood of all the whale species. And ...

15 Feb 2018 Read more »
Ivory tusks, elephant tails and weapons seized from poachers who were sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Hong Kong Ivory Ban is Now Law: WWF Says it’s Time to Close All Asian Illegal Wildlife Markets

A ban on the domestic ivory trade with no compensation by 2021 and an increase in the maximum penalty for wildlife crime offences to 10 years was ...

01 Feb 2018 Read more »
Pirin National Park

New report finds ski resort construction causing irreversible damage to Pirin World Heritage site

Pirin National Park, one of Europe’s most important biodiversity hotspots, has suffered irreparable damage from the construction and expansion of ...

29 Jan 2018 Read more »

World Rowing becomes first sporting body to pledge to protect World Heritage sites

A fortnight before the next Olympic Games begin in South Korea, the world’s oldest international sports federation, World Rowing (FISA), today became ...

26 Jan 2018 Read more »
Black rhino

South Africa’s latest rhino poaching trends highlight increasing threats to local communities

New figures show small decrease in illegally killed rhinos but total death toll remains perilously high

25 Jan 2018 Read more »

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