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REPORT: Environmental, Social and Governance Integration for Banks: A Guide to Starting Implementation

Posted on
27 August 2014
Environmental, Social and Governance Integration: An Implementation Guide for Banks is the first ESG integration guide to provide a practical roadmap for banks on how to develop an ESG strategy and implementation framework.

The guide explains how banks in their roles as lenders, capital raising agents and financial advisors can take ESG through--and beyond--reputation and risk management, and embrace positive transformative change with bottom line benefits.

The guide was developed partly in response to demand from financial institutions in Asia who wanted to have clearer guidance on what the ESG journey entailed and what was required from an organisational standpoint, both in terms of processes as well as human resources. It is applicable to all regions and can be used by banks at the beginning of their ESG journey, as well as banks looking to refine their existing processes.

The guide offers a practical approach to building an ESG strategy and framework and covers the following steps:
  • Defining ESG ambitions and strategy;
  • Assessing ESG risk position and potential for ESG integration; o Determining ESG risk appetite and exposure limits;
  • Developing an ESG control framework;
  • Developing an operating model to integrate ESG strategy into operations;
  • Understanding how to use an ESG framework as a value driver for new business and stronger client relationships
  • Creating a system to monitor and report on performance.


WWF's ESG workshops, in partnership with local stock exchanges, banking associations and/or regulators, are aimed for:
  • Senior Managers and executives involved in risk management, strategy development and sustainability
  • Members of risk, sustainability or ethical committees and working groups
  • Financial regulators
  • Institutional shareholders with significant exposure to the banking sector.
Past workshops:
  • Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Brazil
Coming soon:
  • Indonesia (Jan 2015, TBC)
  • India (Feb/Mar 2015, TBC)

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