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African expertise in Tsiribihina mangroves

Posted on 22 October 2018

In October 2018, fourteen scientists and academics have exchanged views on the sustainable management of mangroves in the Tsiribihina Delta.

Coming from Ghana, Benin, Gambia, Senegal, Togo, France and Belgium, these environmentalists discussed about the conservation and the valorization of mangroves with communities.

The university expertise on mangroves promotes exchanges of practices, experience and knowledge on community based mangrove management. All these countries are pooling their experiences to feed a common toolbox. In this toolbox are documented all the best practices and tools related to management and conservation of mangroves.

university expertise on Tsiribihina mangrovesFor Chérif Cisse from Senegal, the mangrove management toolbox can provide sustainable solutions for future generations. It will will help them taking charge on forest conservation. Indeed, "environmental education for youth to understand the importance of mangroves and the need for their preservation is the challenge for Madagascar," he said.
Ultimately, each country has the opportunity to learn from the successes of others to improve conservation. Also, all countries involved will be able to draw on this library in order to improve the conservation of mangroves according to their needs and local realities. For instance, Madagascar is contributing with improved "Kamado" stoves or "Belaroa" crab fishing gears. This international initiative is brought to Madagascar by Louvain Cooperation for the mangroves in the Tsiribihina delta with the collaboration of WWF. 

The university expertise on mangroves is supported by a consortium of French-speaking Belgians academic organizations : Aide au Développement Gembloux, Louvain Coopération, université Libre de Bruxelles and Forum Universitaire pour la Coopération Internationale au Développement.


Expertise universitaire
fourteen scientists and academics in action
© WWF Madagascar / Tony Rakoto
university expertise on Tsiribihina mangroves
© WWF Madagascar / Tony Rakoto