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Earth Hour 2014 launches crowdsourcing

Posted on 08 May 2014    
EH madagascar
EH madagascar
© Martina Lippuner / WWF
The idea of mobilizing the voices of the Earth Hour audience in support of environmental actions around the globe took off with Earth Hour 2014, and WWF crowdsourcing projects were launched across the globe, starting in the Pacific as Earth Hour swept the world. Here are some examples:
  • In China Earth Hour took the theme “Blue Sky” on the need to stop pollution and smog, using a photo-based phone app. Sony Pictures committed to offset 4,000 tonnes of carbon via WWF’s Gold Standard energy efficient stoves to reduce pressure on forests and protect the giant panda;
  • A youth-led drive by Earth Hour Champions Team kicked off across 31 cities in Indonesia. Social media documented energy saving, reduced plastic use, tree planting and use of public transport;
  • The (NB: my PC won’t give me the hashtag logo so HT means pls add the hashtag logo) maketheswitch Earth Hour message in the UAE reached more than 5 million people, urging a switch to energy efficient lighting – a survey showed 84% of people positive to make the switch;
  • For the third year running, more than 100,000 people in Russia joined an Earth Hour environmental petition, in 2014 calling for increased protection for five threatened species including the Far Eastern leopard. Previous petitions have successfully gained increased marine protection and called for huge areas of forest to be sustainably managed;
  • Over 2,000 energy-efficient stoves were distributed in Madagascar, to reduce pressure on forests, and a crowdfunding project on the Earth Hour site raised funds for a further 500 stoves;
  • In Finland, 20,000 people signed a solar pledge calling for a fair subsidy policy for solar power. The HT EarthHourSuomi was the most tweeted hashtag in the country helping drive the pledge;
  • A petition against the proposed Ptolemaida V coal-fired power station in Greece gained 12,000 signatures, and will be delivered to the government and KfW, the financing bank and sole investor;
  • A major hotel pledged to plant 40 hectares of trees in Uganda’s Earth Hour forest, and the “adopt-a-village” scheme aims to link tree planting with clean energy technologies in vulnerable communities;
  • The Earth Hour event in Lima, Peru was a practice for the climate change conference to be held in this city later this year;
  • In the week leading up to Earth Hour, volunteers helped clean up five Chilean beaches as a pilot for a National Coastal Cleanup Day in March every year;
  • Colombia’s Medelin city received the people’s award in the Earth Hour City Challenge through the social media campaign We Love Cities
  • Earth Hour celebrations in Argentina supported a proposed law that aims to install energy-efficient water heaters saving gas equivalent to powering 800,000 homes for a year.
EH madagascar
EH madagascar
© Martina Lippuner / WWF Enlarge

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